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Why Is It Special

Easy to use

Quickly input formula package size and price. Make an informed decision for your baby's formula.

Budget Friendly

Easily see the true cost of formula. This tool will open your eyes to how long a package of formual will last.

Advertising Free

No annoying popups, videos or adverising to wait or click through. Get right to your calculation.

What does it do?

All on one seamless pane of glass. Enter the package size, and price of baby formula. Choose what size and how many bottles per day your baby needs.

The Baby Formula Calculator will tell you how much formula the package will make, the true cost per bottle, costs over the week/month, and how many days this package will last you and your baby.

“ The Baby Formula Calculator is so simple. I use it right in the store to see which formula is the best for my baby and my budget. ”

Emily Watkins

Stay-At-Home Mom

“ I use the Baby Formula Calulator on my iPhone while shopping on Amazon. It's nice to see how long an order of formula will last! ”

Amanda Kinsaw

Mother of Three

“ I used the Baby Formula Calculator the other day at the grocery store. I was surprised to learn a can of formula would only last 4 days!”

Kathrine Stevenson

Mother and Shopper

“ The Baby Formula Calculator helps me plan for my monthly budget. I can easily see how much formula I need to last a month. ”

Annabelle Morgan

Mommy of 2

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